Flavor. Color. Freshness.

Every element of our system design focuses on optimizing the most desirable aspects of local food - flavor, color, nutritional content, antioxidant levels, shelf life, freshness, and overall quality of our produce. Growing some of the purest produce on Earth means that we remove soil completely and focus heavily on what matters - light, nutrient rich water, and air.  



With our custom narrow-band LED lighting, we regulate timing, intensity, and application of various spectrum recipes to optimize the genetic potential of each crop. This means that we can make our reds redder and our flavors more robust.


Our plants receive a constant supply of advanced nutrition, beneficial microbes, and amino acids via the water that recirculates through the system. This means that our plants never go hungry. 


We control temperature, humidity, air flow, and CO2 levels to optimize plant health and growth. No matter how extreme the weather is outside, you can bet that there is perfection inside.