Bloom Box Farms is a social enterprise. This means that our core mission is to make the greatest possible improvements to the world around us by applying business strategies to the problems that we are best suited to solve. Responsible food production paired with effective distribution is what we are most passionate about and where we feel that our talents are put to the best use. So we are dedicating our lives to accomplishing this vision.

That said – In order to maximize our impact, we have to achieve sustainability in 3 core areas:

Social sustainability

The core goal of Bloom Box Farms is to strengthen our food system and our community by increasing access to fresh and wholesome food in the most resource efficient way possible. We aim to first feed, then educate our community about fresh, tasty, healthful food. To accomplish that goal, we will work with other community organizations that share the same vision. This includes working with schools and nonprofits to educate and empower our community, especially the next generation of Louisianans. Together we can heal our bodies and our community.

Environmental sustainability

As a race, we need to figure out how to grow and deliver food in the most resource efficient way possible. To do this we MUST manage our land and water use without wasting or polluting either. Growing locally solves so many of our food problems, but we simply don’t have enough local production to meet demand. That is why we are obsessed with bringing urban agriculture to the point that New Orleans and the surrounding area will be able to produce all the leafy greens and herbs that it can consume.

Economic sustainability

Much like the organic food movement, the demand for locally grown produce is increasing so rapidly that growing food exactly where it is consumed not only makes sense, but it also makes dollars. Bloom Box Farms is a for-profit business because we simply would not be able to sustain our impact otherwise. Our profits will be used to sustain and expand our business, improve efficiency, and reinvest in our community. Bloom Box Farms will provide new jobs, which will keep more of our money here so that it can be spent at other local businesses. Our economic sustainability is not only good for us, but also for the environment, human health, and the community itself.